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Case Study - Force-Sensing Prosthetic Fingers

Posted by Peter Bermudez on Feb 20, 2019 10:35:22 AM

Sensing Systems and Micro-Measurements, a worldwide leader in strain gage technology, jointly published a case study discussing a collaborative project between Sensing Systems, the Department of Defense, and various medical schools. This project would not have been possible without the technological capabilities of Micro-Measurements' strain gage product line.


Sensing Systems’ partnership with Micro-Measurements and regional sales/manufacturer representative, Andruss-Peskin, goes back to the founding of Sensing Systems in 1990. Since that time, Sensing Systems’ founders and engineers have worked closely with Micro-Measurements to develop, design, and manufacture strain gage based measurements, sensors, and transducers.


See the case study here:

Force-Sensing Prosthetic Fingers (Force-Sensing Prosthetic Fingers


Topics: Load Cells, Sensor Design, Strain Gaging, Medical Industry