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Fully Custom Load Cells

Sensing Systems specializes in the manufacturing of non-standard load cells and force sensors.

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In some cases incorporating a non-standard or custom sensor is the superior alternative.  This occurs when the sensor required has a non-standard shape and the accuracy requirements are very specific to the application.  Sensing Systems specializes in designing and manufacturing custom and non-standard sensors. See Custom Load Cells and Custom Torque Sensors.  Most OEM applications can be satisfied by performing modifications to standard load cells or torque sensors. The changes result in a custom product with the same performance specifications and production costs as standard units.


This option may potentially yield the lowest production costs and has the main advantage that no additional parts have to be manufactured.  In order to make a sensor out of an existing part, a careful analysis of the part and drawing must be made. Typically, a sensing element is added to the existing part and the material changed to a higher strength alternative.  The resulting part is identical in form, fit, and function as the original, but now includes measuring capability. This approach usually requires a development program to ensure that the required performance is obtained from the selected part.  Sensing Systems performs all of the required activities from design of the sensing element, to testing, and full production. Development of a new part from design to pre-production runs may be accomplished in as little as two weeks.


Sensing Systems load cells can be designed to communicate with any instrumentation or data acquisition equipment.  Sensing Systems utilizes telemetry equipment when required by the application.  Learn More


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