High Capacity Torque Sensors

Our high capacity torque sensors range from 120,000 lbs.in to 360,000 lbs.in 

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High Capacity Torque Sensors Reaction


High Capacity Torque Sensors Rotating

Sensor Sizes

The sizes of our high capacity models range from 5 inches in diameter by 5/8 of an inch in height for a 100,000 lbs model to 21 inches in diameter by 2 inches in height for a 3,000,000 lbs model. Our high capacity torque sensors are designed to be compact, small, and light in relation to their capacity.

Sensor Configuration

The design of Sensing Systems high capacity torque sensors allows them to be incorporated into any shape or configuration.  The outside geometry may be machined to any section or shape required by the application.  Sensing Systems’ approach is to incorporate our standard sensing elements into a shape that fits the customer’s application.  This allows us to deliver a high capacity torque sensor matched to the application within a short period of time.

Capacity & Traceability

Capacities vary from 120,000 lbs.in to 360,000 lbs.in for units requiring NIST traceable calibrations.  Units exceeding the calibration limit are exercised to their nominal capacity but are only calibrated to 360,000 lbs.in.


Sensing Systems torque sensors can be designed to communicate with any instrumentation or data acquisition equipment.Read More


All high capacity torque sensors may be waterproofed to withstand the rigors of challenging environments including wet, splash, or underwater.  These units are designed to operate in a wide temperature range of -452˚F to 450˚F (-269˚C to 230˚C).   Service in chemically active and corrosive environments is also possible.



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