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Load Cells & Torque Sensors for Medical Application

Load Cells Torque Sensors Medical Application

 Sensing Systems has been providing measurement products and services to the major companies in the medical components industry. We support the research, prototype, development and production phases of medical component design and testing. Our sensors measure the performance of the product and the various loads applied during testing.

We have designed and manufactured finger tip sensors used in bionic arms controlled by the human brain. These sensors restore the sense of touch to persons who have lost an arm. We have also designed and manufactured load cells to function underwater in warm saline solutions while monitoring the applied load to stents over a billion load cycles. We have supplied the data acquisition electronics to conduct the required tests and developed sensors to measure loads while conducting research in suturing techniques. We can install sensors and conduct load testing on prostheses and artificial limbs to determine the viability of a design and have designed and manufactured probes to measure the sensitivity of burned skin to very small loads.

Physical Therapy, Exercise and Sports equipment

Sensing Systems designs and manufactures sensors used in Physical Therapy, Exercise and Sports equipment. Our force and torque sensors are incorporated into PT machines to monitor and/or control the level of effort exerted by the patient. They are also used in Sports and Exercise apparatus to measure and track athletes’ performance. Our sensors may be incorporated into a machine, exercise equipment or sports apparatus during the design process. Alternatively, an existing machine component may be converted into a force or torque sensor. Both approaches have proven very successful. Applications include, among others, monitoring performance of professional athletes, monitoring bicyclists’ horsepower output and assisting stroke victims in regaining and improving their balance

Specific examples include:

  • Torque Sensors to monitor Level of Effort for Leg/Arm Physical Therapy
  • Balance / Equilibrium Platforms
  • Load Sensors for Weight Machines
  • Ergometers for Stationary Bicycles
  • Bi-axial and Tri-axial Force Sensors to Monitor and Control Patient Position and Balance

Sensing Systems provides and supports all facets of the manufacturing process from design and prototype to production.


Delivery of new prototypes typically occurs three to four weeks from initial discussion of the application. Faster deliveries of one to two weeks are possible for fast track projects with production following shortly after acceptance of prototype performance. For established products, pre-scheduled deliveries throughout the year are typical. All of our services find applications in the Physical Therapy, Sports and Exercise Industry

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