Load Cells, Torque Sensors, and Strain Gaging Services for the Construction, Steel and Wood Industry

Construction, Steel and Wood-Industry

Sensing Systems has been providing measurement products and services to the construction and infrastructure industry since its inception in 1990. 

We perform measurements and install sensors to monitor parameters critical to the health and well being of buildings, bridges, tunnels and other structures during and after construction. Typical measurements include stress, strain, vibration, temperature, deflection, displacement and tilt. Sensing Systems personnel have performed over thirty Structural Integrity Tests in containment buildings around the United States.


Sensing Systems has developed special sensors to be used in the construction industry for field projects where no existing device is commercially available. Examples include soil pressure sensors to measure the pressure applied by settling or moving soil over time. Our “Sister Bar Sensors” are reinforcing bars instrumented with strain gages to measure strain/stress in reinforced concrete structures over time. In several projects we have removed and instrumented existing components, calibrated them in the laboratory and re-installed them prior to field testing.