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Load Cells, Torque Sensors, and Strain Gaging Services for the Construction, Steel and Wood Industry

Construction, Steel and Wood Industry

Sensing Systems has been providing measurement products and services to the construction and infrastructure industry since its inception. 

We perform measurements and install sensors to monitor parameters critical to the health and well being of buildings, bridges, tunnels and other structures during and after construction. Typical measurements include stress, strain, vibration, temperature, deflection, displacement and tilt. Sensing Systems personnel have performed over thirty Structural Integrity Tests in Containments buildings around the United States.

Sensing Systems has developed special sensors to be used in the construction industry for field projects where no existing device is commercially available. Examples include soil pressure sensors to measure the pressure applied by settling or moving soil over time. Our “Sister Bar Sensors” are reinforcing bars instrumented with strain gages to measure strain/stress in reinforced concrete structures over time. In several projects we have removed and instrumented existing components, calibrated them in the laboratory and re-installed them prior to field testing


The accuracy of field measurements varies according to the sensors being used. For most sensors that have been calibrated in the laboratory and installed in the field, accuracies in the range of 0.1 % to 1 % of full scale are typical. Strain and stress measurements require sensors such as strain gages which depend on the installation material for their accuracy. Field accuracies range from 3% to 5% of full scale.

Sensing Systems has pioneered the use of in-situ calibrations for strain gage measurements. We design and manufacture the required fixtures and apparatus to apply a known load to the structure and measure the corresponding output. Using this approach the accuracy may be improved to 0.5% to 1% of full scale.

Sensors for Sailing Vessels

Sailing vessels convert wind energy into movement. This energy transfer requires sails, hull and rigging working together to accomplish the task. The efficiency of this process depends on the configuration and adjustment of its components. Our sensors provide measurements that can be used to properly adjust the vessel’s rigging configuration.

Sensing Systems has been awarded US Patent No. 6,543,296 for Turnbuckle Sensors. These sensors are used to accurately measure loads in shrouds and backstays in sailboats standing rigging. In addition, tangs, backstay adjusters, chain plates, rod rigging and just about any rigging component can be instrumented to measure loads. Masts can be instrumented to measure the compressive load applied by rigging components as they are adjusted to ensure accurate and repeatable settings.

Benefits derived from measuring rigging loads include:

  • Increased Sailing Efficiency
  • Repeatability of Rigging Configuration
  • Avoid Static and Dynamic Overload Conditions
  • Longer Life for Rigging Hardware, Hull and Sails

All our sensors may be incorporated into existing electronics or may be supplied with their own signal conditioning and display units.

Steel Industry

Sensing Systems has been providing products and services to the steel industry since its begginnings. We have designed, developed and manufactured special sensors to measure force and torque in steel mill operations. We have manufactured and repaired High Capacity Load Cells used to setup rolling mills and performed Torque & Horsepower Measurements to monitor dynamic torque occurring in rolling mills. We have conducted Vibration Measurements and performed Strain Gaging Services to troubleshoot and diagnose equipment problems occurring in all stages of steel production.

Wood Processing Industry

Sensing Systems designs and manufactures load cells and torque sensors used in the Wood Processing industry. Our services are used in determining operating parameters and troubleshooting production and processing equipment. We manufacture load cells and electronics used in automated kilns to measure and control the drying rate of wood. Our custom load cells may be fitted in vehicles used for transporting wood to determine the weight of the product. Our torque sensors are used to monitor the efficiency of rotating equipment and torque and horsepower measurement services are used for preventive maintenance and troubleshooting malfunctioning equipment.

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