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Custom Load and Torque Measurement Products

We serve all industries where custom load and torque measurement products are required. This includes every sector of the economy. Our products include all of the standard load cells and torque sensors available.  From beam, “S” type and single point load cells to reaction and rotating torque sensors. Our products go where none have gone before.  Into the depths of oceans and high magnetic fields (up to 7 Tesla).  Underground and surrounded by corrosive fluids and in cryogenic and high temperature environments (- 452 ˚F to + 1,300 ˚F).

Sensing Systems Corporation Load Cells, Torque Sensors/transducers, Calibration Kits, instrumentation And Electronics

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load cells

Sensing Systems offers complete solutions for all Load, Force and Weight measurement applications.  We supply standard and custom load cells, force sensors and associated electronics.

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Sensing Systems offers complete solutions for all Torque measurement applications.  We supply standard, custom, stationary and rotating torque sensors and associated electronics.

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We design, manufacture and calibrate standard and custom calibration kits.  These Kits are used to calibrate load cells, force sensors and torque sensors to NIST traceable standards.

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Instrumentation and electronics

Sensing Systems will supply, setup and calibrate any instrument, amplifier, wireless communication equipment or digital display with any of our sensors.  We will integrate complete systems, sensors and electronics, to meet any monitoring and/or control application.

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Standard delivery for “Custom Off the Shelf” sensors is two weeks from receipt of order.  When needed, three to five day delivery can be met based on quantity requirements.  Sensing Systems has delivered custom units in one day when the urgency of the projects demanded it.  We will support critical applications by working overnight and weekends.

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