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Measurement & Instrumentation Services

Sensing Systems provides engineering, testing, force measurement, and torque measurement services ​in-house and at customers’ facilities. We have developed unique and innovative methods and procedures to install and operate all sensors under challenging conditions such as underwater, cryogenic and high temperature, high magnetic field, and corrosive environments.  We have performed stress, strain, force, and torque testing in temperatures ranging from -452 ˚F to +1,300 ˚F and in magnetic fields up to 7 Tesla.


Strain gaging services


Strain Gaging

Sensing Systems provides complete strain gage installation services tailored to meet every strain gage instrumentation requirement.  We offer in-house as well as field strain gage installation services.  Our experience and flexibility allows us to deliver exceptional results in an expedited timeframe.


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Field Measurements

Sensing Systems measurements are used to determine structural integrity, troubleshoot equipment, quantify operational efficiency, confirm analytical models, and certify compliance.  We routinely install sensors, setup instrumentation and test a variety of structures and components.


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Field Measurements




Sensor Design

Sensing Systems specializes in custom sensor design.  Our experience allows us to meet the most challenging design constraints. We utilize standard designs when possible.  When required, we can integrate sensor designs into production parts resulting in a fully custom design. 


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Calibration Services

Sensing Systems offer a full range of calibration services for load cells, force and torque sensors, and associated electronics.  We maintain a calibration laboratory with NIST traceable standards capable of supporting a wide range of capacities and loading configurations.


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Systems Integration / Electronics: Sensing Systems will provide, setup, and calibrate any instrument, amplifier, or digital display with any of our sensors.  Calibration certificates document the performance of the complete system. System calibrations are also performed with customer supplied  instruments, amplifiers, or digital displays. We will integrate complete systems, sensors, wireless equipment, and electronics to meet any monitoring and/or control application.  Outputs include analog voltage, current, or any of the digital protocols. Learn More


Experience: Sensing Systems personnel have  been involved in hundreds of projects to determine causes of equipment malfunction, inefficiency or failure all over the world. Learn More



Do you have a specific need?

Sensing Systems has developed unique and innovative methods and procedures under challenging conditions and environments.  If you have a unique need, contact one of our qualified specialists!  We’ll be glad to answer any question you may have. Just send us an email, give us a call or fill out the form below.

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