Tension Load Cell

Sensing Systems offers complete solutions for all load, force, and weight measurement applications.

• Standard or Custom models

• Any Shape and any size of tension load cell

• Capacities from ounces to 3,000,000 lbs all with NIST traceable calibrations

• One unit to Hundreds of Thousands

• Delivery from Stock to One Week for Standard and “Custom Off the Shelf” Units

• Operation in Cryogenic and High Temperature Environments

• Operation in Underwater / Submersible Environments

• Operation in Hazardous Environments

Sensing Systems offers “Custom Off the Shelf” units.  We match the required application to our existing designs which cover all capacities and configurations.  We routinely transform machine parts into sensors by adding measurement capability.  This is done by modifying an existing part or by manufacturing a new part identical in form, fit, and function to the original.



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